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Featured Warrior of the Month 2018:
Meet Isaac Cortes, a former combat veteran who had once lost his happiness but has since found it again. And somewhere through it all, he found his passion; tennis. This veteran truly found his way back to life thanks to tennis. Isaac along with many other veterans, come home after the battlefield and all of the sudden are thrown back into a ‘normal life.’
But some may say well that doesn’t seem so difficult to do, simply returning and living life as it was before military combat or war situations. But this veteran has seen a lot, more than the average person can probably imagine. Isaac’s military experience and background consists of medic / corpsman fields in the Army, Navy, and Air Force.  Following several combat deployments, Isaac returned home in 2004 with post traumatic stress together with mild traumatic brain injury.
After years of treatment with meds and other methods, nothing worked for Isaac. He dealt with sleep and anger issues, difficulty dealing with or interacting with people. You might think Isaac was on a hopeless path to nowhere until his local VA informed him about the Wounded Warrior Tennis Program in San Diego, CA. Isaac attended the Annual Camp in San Diego in 2015, and returned home with an incredible beam of hope for new life.
Isaac says that tennis is life to him. Tennis has improved Isaac’s life in extraordinary ways including improved relations with his wife and family which he almost lost due to his PTSD and issues related to his military experiences. He says tennis helps him be more open, it also allows him to take his stress and tension out as he plays and hits the ball.
Isaac loves tennis so much he has a desire to use tennis and pay it forward to help others as well. Today, he is involved with a tennis program in Yonkers, New York and is actively participating in helping bring happiness back to other veteran’s lives through tennis, and provide hope to others who are dealing with similar challenges that took so much from Issac himself. 


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