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Mental Health Monday

It is no secret there is still a stigma concerning the topic and issues of mental illness. But there is hope on the rise of which new techniques, experts, studies, and new approaches are helping to remove the stigma! A recent article on includes a write up by Christopher Bergland where he explains that the secret to our well being (including a healthy mind) can be found in evolutionary biology.
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He continues to explain that the 7 Habits for a Healthy Mind in a Healthy body are nothing more than simple lifestyle choices.  Here are the 7 Habits listed as described in the article.
  1. Daily Physicality:
  2. Intellectual Curiosity:
  3. Foster Creativity:
  4. Human Unity:
Keeping the brain healthy.  Studies have shown that ‘Learning’ keeps the brain healthy: Mental activity can stave off age related cognitive and memory decline.
Brain energy massage and visual stimulation of the brain. Did you know the eyes are an extension of the brain?  Flickering lights have been used in the past to influence the brain.
Brain energy massage: Visual areas of the brain are capable of reacting to impulses going from the retina. Read more info here:
Learn more about this interesting topic here:

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