Wounded Warrior Tennis Program Strengthens Strategic Partnership with ThanksUSA!

For over six years the San Diego District Tennis Association has partnered with the non-profit organization ThanksUSA to raise funds for its “Tennis Thanks The Troops” program which has resulted in over $30,000 in educational scholarships being awarded to military family members in San Diego.

That program got a boost recently when Geoff Griffin, Tennis Director at the Balboa Tennis Club, turned the club’s annual Thanksgiving round robin shootout into a fundraiser for ThanksUSA and collected another $1000 for their scholarship fund.
But the relationship with ThanksUSA also extends to the District’s Wounded Warrior Tennis Program, as the two groups partnered to submit a grant request to the Department of Veterans Affairs to support the 8th Annual National Wounded Warrior Tennis Camp to be held in San Diego in May 2019. 
After a five month review process involving hundreds of grant requests from across the country, the VA awarded $16,000 to the Wounded Warrior Tennis Program to support the camp.  This was a highly competitive grant, and our partnering with ThanksUSA was key to our collective success, as they also received funding for a veterans tennis program they run in the Washington DC area that is modeled after our program in San Diego.
Our Wounded Warrior Tennis Program relies on having strong relationships with numerous organizational and individual partners, and our ties to ThanksUSA is one of our most important.  We are grateful for their support, and our Wounded Warrior Tennis Program co-founders, Steve Kappes and Geoff Griffin, are proud to be among their National Ambassadors.  Learn more about ThanksUSA at www.thanksusa.org.

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