Tech Tuesday: How Tech Helps Vets

Tech Tuesday 
Technology continues to grow and unbelievable advances have been made within the defense sector. From reality goggles to drones overhead, the military is finding new and remarkable ways to stay ahead of defending our nation.  Here is an interesting read about technology and the military.
Wounded military veterans are in store for new and incredible advances in health technology. I came across this article about a bright young veteran who has a quest to study medicine and has goals to help his fellow wounded veterans. Some of the topics he has brought to light include the inflammatory components of an injury, and changes in the effects of tissue damage over time.

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This inspiring young veteran is also involved in a gene therapy investigation involving neuromas, which is a common complication in amputees caused by thickening of the nerve tissue in the severed limbs. Read more about this incredible veteran who wants to help improve the quality of life for amputees. Click Here:
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Another advance in technology and the military is the development of MyVA resource and site. This allows veterans to be more engaged and in tune with their own health information, schedule appointments and reminders, and communication with their health professionals at the VA. Read more on this here:

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