Holiday Blues?

Mental Health Monday:
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Are you someone who is affected by the change of seasons? Well, you are not alone. Several people experience a change in their mood and attitude especially during the Fall and Winter seasons.  Whether it is the cooler temperatures, feeling less energy, or having problems sleeping, the change of seasons definitely can impact someone’s outlook and well being.

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Did you know there is such a thing as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder); there are several various causes as well. These might include, for example, your circadian-biological rhythm with the reduced amount of sunlight during particular seasons. The change of seasons can also impact the body’s melatonin levels that affect sleeping patterns. SAD can also affect changes in weight. There is interesting information on this condition on about it. Here is the complete article here:
Risk Factors:
There are a few risk factors as well that can contribute to SAD. These might include the following:
*Being Female
*Living further from the equator
*Family history of depression or bipolar disorder
If you are someone who suffers from SAD or experiences similar symptoms, there are ways to ease the effects of this disorder.
Here is a list of things you can do today to help you combat these symptoms.
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*Lifestyle changes that can improve symptoms and lift your mood.
*You might try going outside more often, and taking deep breathes of fresh air
*Getting plenty of sunlight
*Exercising, do more activity
*Avoiding drugs and alcohol,
*Getting plenty of sleep
*Practicing relaxation exercises

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