Tech Tuesday: Innovations in Technology

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Tech Tuesday

For Better or Worse, Innovations In Technology Continue To Affect Our World

 Whether you are all in or want nothing to do it, technology is here to stay. There is no doubt huge benefits have resulted from new technologies today. And these benefits have not only impacted the health care industry, but nearly every aspect of our lives have been affected in one way or another.

I am very intrigued by new technologies, computers, and inventions, etc., but I also want to maintain balance and wellness in my overall life. I do minimize the amount of technology and electronics that I use in my daily life to help keep me focused, mindful, and minimize stress levels. Although there may be many benefits of technology, there can also be negatives. Most people with cell phones feel that when a text is received that one must respond within minutes. Or your workplace contacts you for important documents that you need to send to them as soon as possible; this can bring stress into your body.

But besides the possible negatives of technology, there are definitely those innovations in technology that have changed the world. There have been inventions of medical devices that can help blind people see, software apps to help motivate others, and a chatbot that can help with mental health.

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Incredible innovations and inventions, programs and software can change one’s life. According to this article on, artificial intelligence, language translation ear buds, and zero carbon natural gas are just a few of them. Read complete article here:



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