Worst Habits For Your Mental Health

Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

eight person huddling
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The world today is a much more stressful place to exist in than in years past. Which can bring along alot of challenges and obstacles that many people may need a little help conquering. Some of the factors of the onslaought of mental health struggles are sometimes beyond one’s control, and overwhelming, but you can make small changes that help deal with some of these challenges that you may be facing.

But as you strive to continuous improvement and maintaining mental health wellness, it is important to know the worst habits for mental health. This article in health.com explains the 12 worst habits for your mental health:

  1. Hang on to your happiness
  2. You slouch when you walk
  3. You take photos of everything
  4. You let a bully get the best of you
  5. You don’t exercise
  6. You procrastinate
  7. You’re in a toxic relationship
  8. You take life too seriously
  9. You don’t sleep
  10. You’re never along
  11. You don’t actually talk to anyone
  12. You multitask

Each of these are very interesting, and it’s important to understand that these habits can be changed for the better and possibly lead to more positive things. Read complete article here:

Another factor in maintaining mental health wellness, is to know the characteristics of Mental Health. As healthylife.com explains, that mental health is not just about illness, its also about how you feel about yourself and how you react to life occurances, and events, etc. This article also mentions the fact that some folks might be afraid or hesitant to use mental health services because the stigma that might be associated with this topic. Some may even think that asking for help is weakness, but actually this article explains that those who do seek help are signs and characteristics of strength.

Learn more about these characteristics of mental health here:

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