Hitting the ground running

We’re rounding out this year making big strides ahead of our annual tennis camp in the spring. Our weekly clinic is seeing a surge in participation, and we’re receiving numerous donations for our camp. The USTA Foundation gave a generous donation and a local tennis club recently raised funds on our behalf with a benefit tournament. 2017 is shaping up to be a fantastic year!

WWTP clinic’s big turn-out on November 15, 2016

Our program director, Steve Kappes, was recently recognized for his work. Steve was appointed to the USTA’s National Adaptive Tennis Committee for the next two years. Steve has been working behind the scenes of this program for years, serving on this committee in the past. The group brings together about a dozen people from across the country to develop resources to make tennis programming more accessible to disabled populations of all types.  It’s one of the reasons our warrior program has received so much attention.

In this role, Steve is in a position to attend national USTA meetings and speak about our program to the movers and shakers in the sport.  At times, he has been able to take our warriors with him so they can share their experiences.  Steve looks forward to continuing to represent our team at the USTA’s national meetings at the new USTA HQ in Orlando in March and NYC in September. He hopes to stimulate others in the tennis community to follow our lead.

Another notable team member we want to recognize is Steve Leffler. Steve is the new fundraising chair for the San Diego District Tennis Association (SDDTA) and Wounded Warrior Tennis Program (WWTP). Steve was able to participate in the May 2016 (5th annual) camp and looks forward to this year’s event. He has been deeply impressed with the dedication, competencies and commitment of a small number of WWTP committee members to do the myriad things necessary to put on a week-long tennis camp. The camp hosts over 50 disabled veterans, from across the country, at no expense to them. In addition to coordinating the annual camp, WWTP still carries on with its year-round weekly clinics at Balboa Tennis Club.big-number-clinic

Pulling off this feat every year requires the WWTP committee to obtain donated resources from local organizations, organize volunteers, and purchase airline tickets and lodging for the campers.  The committee must also raise funds from individuals and organizations that provide grants or donations to fund the camp and meals for the weekly tennis clinic.

Steve would like to connect with tennis clubs interested in putting on fundraising events for the WWTP program.  He is currently working with a group of WWTP volunteers who hope to host a WWTP fundraiser event at their club in March. Over the holiday season, Rancho Penasquitos Tennis Club will attempt to raise some additional funds for the program at its holiday social.

Steve L. making fundraising plans with the ladies of Morgan Run Country Club

WWTP is, of course, interested in individual, corporate and organizational donations. Steve Leffler is the contact for organizing any fundraisers for the camp.

Information on donations may be found at http://www.sdwoundedwarriortennis.org/donate.html or contact Steve at steve-leffler@san.rr.com .


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