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Wednesday Wellness: The Mantra

A Different Approach To Life Via The Mantra.

Do you find yourself asking the question: Am I living the best life possible today? Do you live life as you dreamed it to be? Are you living life full of everything you imagined it could be? Your answers might be no, I am not living that life. Life is not going the way I thought it would be and your reality of life is definitely not matching your dream life.

Together with the numerous things in life such as stress, job, family, home ownership, and more; life can be a whirl wind of nothing but difficult challenges. So, how can we change this and make your real life more like your dream life.

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Well, before you change your external circumstances, you must take control and develop an empowering, nourishing and secure internal world. One way to do this is to change your attitude. According to, ideas on how to change your reality to help change your attitude are listed below: s

  1. Accept your freedom
  2. Recognize your superpower
  3. Clearing a pathway
  4. Start Now!

Read complete article here.

So, what does the word mantra mean? It carries a meaning that can be anywhere between ‘intention’ and ‘meditation.’ When exercising this practice, its purpose is to guide you on achieving heightened levels of awareness. Synchronizing the silence and stillness can help you open your mind to a few mindful thoughts. Thoughts such as repeating the words ‘I am strong’ or ‘I am focused’, or any words that can help you achieve a healthy balance state of mind.

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According to an article in, the mantra is an instrument of the mind and explains that man is mind, and tra is transport which helps you to achieve a deeper state of meditation.

Life in our current complicated world is full of distraction, stress, and details. The mantra helps one to achieve a life approach that takes you back to a more simplistic and more focused way to live.

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High Tech Trends For Life After Active Duty!

When I separated from active duty over 20 years ago, I found myself feeling ecstatic and relieved versus being nervous and uncertain about the future. However, I know I wasn’t prepared for the reality of moving forward into civilian life. I didn’t realize how difficult it was going to be finding a job or how I might apply my military experience to a particular career field. I guess I was just young and wanted to enjoy life, take whatever comes my way and roll with it.

Honorable Discharge

I don’t know about you veterans out there, but I felt like I was just let out of a cage. Freedom never felt so good! Deep down, however, I knew I had to buckle down and get to work.

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My path finally led me to accept various jobs as a few years past by. Of course, there was no real future with these companies. This ends up causing a lot of frustration for me, so I conclude that I need to get a college degree. As a result of paying into the GI Bill during my first year in the military, I was able to pay for my Bachelor’s Degree!

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During my quest in this journey, I faced many challenges. The big burden of concern is; of course, am I going to have enough money to pay bills.

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The other huge hurdle is what should I major in at college, as I had no idea. I did not have a clue as to what career fields are in demand at the time. I also want to incorporate my strong interests and things I enjoy doing; but that is an extremely and unlikely feat. As I recall, I was not really informed about the types of careers or industries that are in demand. If my memory is correct, the TAP (Transition Assistance Program) training session I attend informs the group of veterans separating at that time, of primarily topics related to resume formats, job assistance programs and other topics. I do not recall learning about up and coming careers or jobs of the future.

Resources and Links

I am including a few resource links and information about new technologies, careers in demand, and other jobs of the future. I hope you will find these useful in your journey of transition to civilian life, or if you are looking to change or start a new career.

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The Best Computer Jobs as of March 2019:

  1. Mobile App Developer
  2. Software Engineer
  3. Video Game Designer
  4. IT Security Specialist
  5. Computer Systems Analyst
  6. Web Developer
  7. Health Information Technician
  8. Technology Manager
  9. Database Administrator

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Here is an interesting look at the jobs of the future, as in 2030 and the skills necessary to fulfill these jobs.

  1. Mental elasticity and complex problem solving
  2. Critical thinking
  3. Creativity
  4. People skills
  5. STEM
  6. SMACK
  7. Interdisciplinary knowledge

Take a look at these career fields, as they may not be something you would think of as your life’s work. But you might be surprised at how interesting, challenging, and how much they may be needed in the future. Read complete article here

This resource lists several career occupations in the healthcare field that are and will be needed in the future.  Read complete article here

In conclusion, take command of your future. If you find yourself lost and not knowing what your future holds, like I did when I first separated from active duty; then roll up your sleeves and get to work. There are many resources to help you learn what careers might be a good fit for you based on your interests and skills, etc. It is important to understand that planning your future, especially at a younger age, can have huge positive results! For not only a rewarding work life, but also a healthy and happy one!

More job assessment resources: 

Veteran Jobs assistance

How Technology Has Helped Wounded Veterans

Tech Tuesday: How Technology Has Helped Wounded Veterans

For today’s article, I sat down and thought about what information I can compile to be informative and useful to you; our warriors, veterans and families. I, myself, read and hear about the advances in technology for businesses, schools, medical institutions, but I don’t recall learning about how exactly new technology innovations are helping our disabled military veterans. So I put my thinking cap on and began digging online.

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I stumbled upon this article called “4 Ways Technology Is Changing The Lives Of Our MilitaryVeterans” from ECN Magazine, and here is a few highlights of this:

  1. Coding Boot camps: put on by Microsoft since 2013 and are will be up to 300 veterans graduates…
  2. A smartphone app to help veterans ‘bewell’.       (Bewell24 app for veterans)
  3. Bionic suits and prosthetic arms
  4. Custom designed and smart homes

Read entire article here:

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This is a very interesting article and very inspirational. Pioneer Bessie Blunt invents the “portable receptacle support” device to help those with paralysis and/or amputees. She herself faced many challenges and was a nurse, physical therapist, and a forensic hand-writing expert and had dreams of coming up with ways to help those with disabilities.

In one case, she encouraged numerous soldiers with war torn upper limb amputees who lost ability to write, that they learn Braille with their feet.

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The Bond Between Mind and Body

Mental Health Monday: The Bond Between Mind and Body

The mind is an extremely powerful organ in the human body. It is the center of the all around things that makes us a human being. We all have feelings, thoughts and behaviors and have the ability to be very aware of each of them. When we are in complete tune with each of these emotions, we mostly experience happiness and are content, and have found methods of how to cope with the onset of stress and challenges of life general.

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These human emotions, stemming from the mind; however, can be thrown off balance when faced with something unique and life changing. These challenges can change any one of these emotions with a high or low, happy or sad, positive or negative, impact on how us, as humans can think and act. The challenges can be devastating for some, and here are a few other factors that can influence emotions, both mentally and physically.

*Loss of a Job
*A child leaving home or returning
*Dealing with a death of a loved one
*Suffering an illness or injury
*Moving into a new home
*Having a baby
and many others. (

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In order to get yourself on the quest to improve your health is to understand that the mind and body connected. So, the goal is to work on getting these behaviors and emotions back in check. There are endless strategies on how to put yourself on the path to improved health, and the first goal is to build your resilience and express your feelings.

Begin with practicing yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation for relaxation and a clear mind.

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Learn more on the Mind/Body Connection:

More resources:
Tai Chi for Beginners


Upcoming Events Wounded Warrior Tennis Program| Mar-Jun 2019

Mark your calendar for these great upcoming fundraiser and other wounded warrior program events.

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PGA HOPE is the flagship military program of PGA REACH, the charitable foundation of the PGA of America. PGA HOPE introduces golf to all veterans in order to enhance their mental, social, physical and emotional well-being. This program provides a great opportunity for beginners to learn etiquette, swing skills, short game skills and other important golf knowledge.

The PGA of America and local PGA Professionals are working closely with the VA system across the country to assist veterans in their transition.

Sessions are taught by local PGA Professionals with assistance from trained volunteers and include clubs and equipment if needed, training aids, range balls and weekly golf course access.


Thursdays April 4th-April 25th | 10:00-noon

*We will also schedule a Play Day on the course after the 4th range session.

Stadium Golf Center
2990 Murphy Canyon Road, San Diego


Contact Scott Mahlberg at


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Wellness Wednesday: Tips and Plans On How To Stay Healthy

Wellness Wednesday:
Do you find yourself struggling to find convenient ways to maintain better health? The daily challenges of family, kids, meal preparation, commitments, careers, and others can definitely take a toll. There are so many resources online that provide tips and techniques that can help you manage the daily things in life. So I compiled several ideas from various resources to help you with journey to better health and take control and get yourself back on track. You can make this as difficult or as easy as you wish. Maintaining good health is not easy, it takes work, discipline, and time but can be a worthy investment. This is an investment in you, and your life.
Here are some ideas and I hope you will find these to be helpful.
  1. Source:  10 Tips To Stay Healthy.
    1. Schedule time with friends and family where it does not involve eating.
    2. Think of food as fuel and not as a gift.
    3. When eating out, find three things that are healthy on the menu.
    4. Do not eat food near or around your office or work.
  1. Source:  Ways to Stay Healthy After The Military.
    1. Develop a Post Separation Plan. (More Info Here)
    2. Take Ownership of your own Healthcare
    3. Keep Stress Level Low
  1. Source: Make sure to get enough healthy sleep.
    1. Find ways for a better connection between your mind and body:  Consider the following therapies below:
  • Progressive relaxation
  • Music therapy
  • Yoga
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Acupuncture

Wednesday Wellness: Salt Caves


How To Set Goals For You in 2019!

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January 2019 Happy New Year and Setting Goals

Well, it is that time of year again when you hear all about new year’s resolutions and setting goals. You might hear things like “I am going to lose weight, I am going to exercise more, I’m going to eat better, I’m going to clean out the house,” and on and on. Did you know that most people stop or give up on their new year’s resolution probably by the third week of January. This is what I notice at the gyms I frequent, as the first two weeks are extremely busy, then it goes back to normal and you don’t see those new faces anymore. These people most likely became frustrated they may not have seen results yet, so they felt discouraged and gave up.
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I’ve done some reading on this subject and found some interesting information. Here are a few stats about what folks are wanting for the new year of 2019. Stats for New Years Resolutions:
You may want to consider setting realistic goals for yourself; not only can you set goals at the beginning of the year, but you can create goals on a weekly or monthly basis too. The idea is to set realistic, achievable goals. This way, you are setting yourself up for success at anything you set out to do! Here is an interesting article about current new ideas on how to approach setting new achievable goals for success!   Men’s Health article
You might also be asking, so what would be considered success or I do not know what goals to set for myself? Success and goals can mean different things to different people. One example of success to one person might be how proud they are of their children or another example might how talented one is at playing a musical instrument.
It is the same for goals. An example goal for me is to hike several different outdoor trails to high mountains or peaks. One of my goals for 2019 is to attempt hiking Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. I do not know how yet I will do this, but you better believe I am setting out to conquer this world-renowned hike.
I found another interesting article in; as the articles mentions ideas of  how to be happier, (perhaps on the goal list) for example it mentions: Don’t let the day end feeling angry. Read more about his here:
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In summary, it is not necessary to place this kind of pressure on yourself, you can achieve success in anything you set out to do; just remember small achievable goals, write things down, and even the simplest thing such as waking up early can be considered a success and make a positive impact on your life more than you might think! Happy New Year!
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Wounded Warrior Tennis Program Strengthens Strategic Partnership with ThanksUSA!

For over six years the San Diego District Tennis Association has partnered with the non-profit organization ThanksUSA to raise funds for its “Tennis Thanks The Troops” program which has resulted in over $30,000 in educational scholarships being awarded to military family members in San Diego.

That program got a boost recently when Geoff Griffin, Tennis Director at the Balboa Tennis Club, turned the club’s annual Thanksgiving round robin shootout into a fundraiser for ThanksUSA and collected another $1000 for their scholarship fund.
But the relationship with ThanksUSA also extends to the District’s Wounded Warrior Tennis Program, as the two groups partnered to submit a grant request to the Department of Veterans Affairs to support the 8th Annual National Wounded Warrior Tennis Camp to be held in San Diego in May 2019. 
After a five month review process involving hundreds of grant requests from across the country, the VA awarded $16,000 to the Wounded Warrior Tennis Program to support the camp.  This was a highly competitive grant, and our partnering with ThanksUSA was key to our collective success, as they also received funding for a veterans tennis program they run in the Washington DC area that is modeled after our program in San Diego.
Our Wounded Warrior Tennis Program relies on having strong relationships with numerous organizational and individual partners, and our ties to ThanksUSA is one of our most important.  We are grateful for their support, and our Wounded Warrior Tennis Program co-founders, Steve Kappes and Geoff Griffin, are proud to be among their National Ambassadors.  Learn more about ThanksUSA at

Wellness Wednesday: Managing The Silly Season!

I recently attended a yoga class and retained a few excellent ideas on how to manage wellness, stress levels, and overall health and attitude during the holidays. The holiday season is one I sometimes call the Silly Season, as the stress of this time of year can take quite a toll on you and your health.
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I have compiled a few topics and situations that you might encounter or experience during this time of year and discuss each on how you can manage through them and be successful!
  1. Learn to say no.  If you have children and care for loved ones at home and were asked to participate in a program or event. Don’t be afraid to say no, and not feel guilty. “You” take priority and so does your well-being.
  2. Take a time out. If you have family and friends visiting for the holidays, you can discretely go into another room, close the door, and do deep breathing. You can also straight standing stance, and very slowly lift your arms in front of you and all the way up above your head, then bring them slowly down. Then repeat.  Breathe.

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  3. Keep your focus on the fun, not the food! Create decorations together, trim the tree, sing carols, and talk about the memories of past holidays and laugh!
  4. Modify your eating times to match a little more with the relatives (if they came from different time zones). You might need to have a healthy fruit snack or nuts to help your blood sugar stay level until mealtime.
  5. Try your best, to stick with your daily routine.
  6. Be flexible as well.
  7. Don’t have expectations. Keep an open mind, and sort of roll with the punches and stay positive.
There are many other things you can do to help you successfully make it through the holiday season, and remain happy and healthy! Here are a few great resources to read for more information about maintaining wellness during the holidays.