How You Can Be Mentally Resilient & Happy

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Easy Things That Can Make You Mentally Resilient and Happy!
*Travel:   When I think of travel, the first thing that comes to mind is how to get there. If its flying, then it seems the storm comes before the calm. Meaning, the stress of flying that might include waiting in long security lines, sitting in cramped quarters, and the chance of getting ill. But wait; I also think about this as being only short term and there are several things you can do to prepare and avoid getting sick during travel. According to blog; you can stretch, do low impact exercise, and breath during your travel. This includes pre-flight, during flight, and post flight. Read complete article here: How To Stay Well During Travel. 
*Train Your Mind: Another technique I practice is I train my mind to think about what’s on the other end. Excited to see a new place, explore new grounds, or just simply sitting by the pool on a beautiful day. Then I can truly say, that travel makes me happy. Of course, flying isn’t the only means of travel. You can take a road trip, or even just simply taking a walk in nature can spur those emotions of happiness. pexels-photo-788620.jpeg
*Visit Someplace New: Feeling happy has an incredible effect on your body. It helps to lower cortisol levels to then make you feel more calm and relaxed. Thus, lowering the stress element in your body or mind that you might be dealing with. Happiness isn’t the only benefit that can result from travel. Visiting or moving to a new destination can be both exhilarating and intimidating. But it also toughens you up both emotionally and mentally. This is something I am all too familiar with. I have lived and moved around a few times while in the military, but I’ve also moved as a civilian, coast to coast; twice!
*Make a Change:  Facing a new environment or culture, or even just dealing with change, almost forces you to learn to adapt and adjust to a life that might be out of your comfort zone. You learn to become more patient, and emotionally strong when coping with change or new surroundings.   Read the complete article “Five Reasons Why Travel Is Good For Your Mental Health.”
There are so many other acts or tasks you can do that can make you as happy as you can be.  I found a fantastic article in (Readers Digest); and here are some ideas that you can do starting right now to bring happiness into your life.
  • Smile in the mirror.
  • Hang out with happy friends
  • Want what you already have
  • Take a five minute break
  • Call an old friend
  • Treat yourself
  • Make a list of traits that are uniquely you
  • Go for a short jog
  • Do a little dance
  • Take a deep breath
These are only a few things that you can do starting right now. Make small changes now and it can bring huge results!  Read complete article here:



Is The Internet Bad Or Good For Society?


pexels-photo-669013.jpegIs the Internet bad or good for society?

I think long and hard about this question on so many levels. Realizing how the advancement of technology has made incredible strides in industries such as healthcare, business, and other fields; I still have many reasons to say how the Internet can be bad for humans. Today, humans seem to have less social interaction in person, yet we are the most social we’ve been in history. We share our lives on social media, we share car rides, homes, and our food! Yet, communication among humans might be considered worse than its ever been.

Many times at restaurants when I am eating out, well, I take that back; the few times I do treat myself and eat out, I will look around and see so many people and families with their heads down in their smart phones. Basically not talking to each other at all. It is quite a scene.

When I see these things like the folks sitting in the restaurant not talking to each other, it reminds me to do better in my own personal life. I do not allow my phone or notebook to control my life. I make sure I maintain a balance amount of human interaction and my technology. I make sure I get together with a friend for lunch or conversation every week. I try to plan a hiking trip each week in the local area and get outside to enjoy natural living things like plants and flowers, and the fresh outside air.norway-mountain-sky-blue.jpg

One other thing I do is read one book a month. I feel these things help me to live a more balanced and healthy lifestyle; both mentally and physically.pexels-photo-115001.jpeg

I found an interesting article on, where a survey was conducted and resulted in some interesting responses. The question asked is: “Has the Internet been a good thing or bad thing?” You can read the survey results and complete article here:


How You Can Improve Your Memory



How to improve your memory:

Life today has certainly become more complicated with all the distractions being thrown in our faces. There are the electronics, social media, new technologies, and more people in the world in general. Granted, some of these things have complimented our lives and made things more convenient. However, convenient isn’t always better.

On a daily basis, people are dealing with raising children, healthcare, activities, events, and so much more. Our minds are being challenged and we do tend to forget sometimes. It happens to all of us at one time or another. If I don’t write down a to do list for the day, I may end up forgetting to take care of one thing or two. But this may not really be a big concern at this time. As we grow older, our minds age as well. I notice as I am getting older, my mind doesn’t seem as sharp as it did when I was younger and serving in the military. I have been researching and reading books about how I can exercise my mind to improve memory skills and sharpness. I found a few other ideas that might help as well with respect to improving memory and help fight the aging process of the mind.

Here are a few ways that can help improve memory.

  1. Eat less sugar:
  2. “Studies have shown that people, who consume added sugar regularly, may have poor memory and lower brain volume than those who consume less sugar.”
  3. Try fish oil supplements
  4. Meditation
    1. Mediation and relation techniques have shown in studies that it improves short-term memory in people of all ages.
  5. Maintain a healthy weight
  6. Get enough sleep
  7. Practice mindfulness
    1. Mindfulness is a mental habit you can use in any situation…




Stress Management with Tai Chi

Wellness Wednesday:

tai-qi-qi-gong-activity-body-159193.jpegStress Management with Tai Chi:  Often described as meditation in motion, Tai Chi has been traditionally practiced as a means of self defense. Today, it has become a graceful form of exercise and movements that can help reduce stress levels and offer other health benefits. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese tradition that involves low impact series of movements that are slow and focused along with deep breathing. Practicing Tai Chi can help lower stress levels, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve flexibility. It can also be inexpensive and safe low impact form of exercise and can be practiced indoors, outdoors, or at work.   Read complete article

Technology: Balancing Work & Life

Tech Tuesday

In today’s world, things have become more stressful and demanding with respect to balancing your life and work. In the past, work and life were defined at two different domains. It was formerly perceived as a negative if you fused family life with work demands. But as times are changing in our world today, one must understand the culture and climate within these two arenas.  As technology advances with current demands and time, a fresh perspective of employees who are labeled as Dual-Centric (those who view work and life equally as important) experience more overall satisfaction and propose that employers need to embrace the whole individual in order to enhance employee well-being, explained in an article at

Technology advances have been playing an extremely strong role in the shaping of both work and life. According to an article, “A Trend Towards Work-Life Fusion: A Multi Generational Shift in Technology Use At Work”, explains how technology is impacting the younger generation as they are constantly texting, instant messaging, engaging in conversation during class time, work meetings, and resulting in less and less face to face interaction. This has drastically affected the current work environment especially for the different generations (older and younger) and the behavioral norms will eventually clash…Read full article here:

Does Classical Music Make You Smarter?

pexels-photo-37719.jpegMental Health Monday

Classical Music May Make You Smarter:

A research study published in the Journal of Health Psychology produced many findings that listening to classical music may provide many health benefits, including sharp memory and brainpower boost. In an article in (Reader’s Digest); people who listen to classical performed better in scholastics. Researchers made the case that listening to this music allowed these students to be more open and receptive to the information, thus allowing them to store it and recall more efficiently.

In addition to brain benefits, listening to this type of music can also improve health in other ways. These include:

Lowering Blood Pressure

Emotionally Available

Better Sleep

More Chill

Closer To Others

More Productive

More Relaxed

The article also explains that another report published in Aging Mental Health, states that music was used as a tool to help make people feel more connected among a group of people with dementia. As well, the participants could play and discuss music together.   Read complete article here:

Technology Tuesday


Tuesday Tech.

It is truly amazing how far technology in our world has come and how it affects our daily lives. The innovations just keep coming, to say that there is an app for everything is an understatement. Well, why not put technology to use for your own overall benefit well-being. There are apps to help you keep your fitness goals, as well as apps that remind you to drink water. There’s even an app that monitors a woman’s time for ovulation, cycles, and symptoms. Amazing! The question you might ask yourself is, if you had a choice to go back to the days of simple living, (no smart phones, social media, mobile apps) would you do it? Read complete article here: